Landlord’s Guide

Renting property in Cyprus guide: professionals you need, legal rules, documentation, banks and taxation. Your step-by-step look at all stages of renting – from landlords to tenants, residential property to Airbnb and from contract drafts to rental etiquette. Applicable law Rent Control Law 1983 (N. 23/1983), with amendments. This law covers all areas which are […]

Tenant’s Guide – Renting Property in Cyprus

Many people around the world rent. Some rent because they can’t afford to buy, some don’t like to be tied to one place, and others simply rent because they often come for work or vacation. In Cyprus, a large percentage of people are looking for property to rent. It can be a house, a spacious […]

The Property Sale Process in Cyprus

Introduction Selling property in Cyprus offers a unique opportunity to engage with one of the Mediterranean’s most vibrant real estate markets. Whether you are looking to sell a holiday home, an investment property, or a family residence, understanding the local processes and legal requirements is crucial. Cyprus is renowned for its picturesque landscapes, rich history, […]

Buying property in Cyprus: A beginner’s guide

Cyprus offers an enticing blend of a high standard of living and favorable business costs, with distinctive locales such as the lively and cosmopolitan Limassol, the charming and archaeologically significant Paphos, the historically rich and transportation hub Larnaka, and the vibrant and culturally rich Nicosia. Acquiring real estate in Cyprus is a simplified and stress-free […]

Temporary, Permanent Residency and Citizenship

The legal aspects of the immigration procedures in Cyprus are straightforward and you can complete the process of obtaining a residency in a short time. Thanks to that, moving to Cyprus is relatively stress-free for both the EU residents and visitors from non-EU countries. Read this article to learn more. Cyprus Immigration Process: The Yellow […]